The success of McMullen Roofing lies solely in our people.  From a highly qualified management team to expert field crews, it is the dedication and pride of our team that separates us from the competition.  
Even in the face of technological advances and application improvements, roofing remains a hands-on endeavor.  Conditions in the Sunshine State make roofing here one of the most difficult, and physically demanding professions.  Our experienced crews have found a niche as craftsmen in an increasingly online world. Many of our crew members have been on our team for 10 plus years, and have taken on mutually beneficial leadership roles.  We are proud to have a hard working team in place to serve our customers throughout the state of Florida.

Our Management:

Adam Smith, President

Tobi McMullen, Vice President

Missy McMullen, Accounting

Matt Brown, Service Manager

Sarah Mueller, Program Manager

Ed Castillo, Senior Project Manager