Service & Maintenance Options

McMullen Roofing provides professional, expert roof maintenance solutions to help ensure your assets are protected, including:  

24-Hour Emergency Repair Service

Whether we put your roof on or not, we can solve your roof leak problems.

R.A.M.P - Roof Assessment & Maintenance Program

We provide regular inspections and preventative maintenance to extend the life of your roof system.

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Preventative Maintenance

We can make scheduled repairs to prevent roof deterioration, leaks inside your building, and extend roof life.  

Warranty Compliance

We provide maintenance for manufacturer warranted roof systems by all the major roofing manufacturers.

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Mechanical Equipment Roof Alterations

We work with mechanical contractors to make repairs associated with HVAC installation or alteration.

Roof Coatings

We can apply various roof coating systems which can extend roof life and prevent roof deterioration.

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